Rebecca Racer

The Challenge

Help to create a global brand for racing driver Rebecca Jackson to promote her career and Project Le Mans: her four-year plan to reach the prestigious Le Mans 24-hour race in 2016.

The Solution

International press coverage to bring the Rebecca Racer name to more than just those attending GT races. This was alongside regular updates on the Rebecca Racer site and social media.

Turn Eight Racing

The Challenge

To run a team in the Porsche Championship, developing the brand, bringing in sponsorship and marketing the team and drivers as a whole with the view to generate interest for 2017.

The Solution

A wide marketing effort to get the team known in the championship and beyond. This included website design, PR, events, photography, branding and regular contact with sponsors.


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Jet Social gets its own motorsport PR arm

Those who follow me on Twitter or Facebook will know that I’ve been working in the world of motorsport for a while now. It all started with falling head over heels in love with Formula One and starting the Turn Eight blog. From there it has absolutely spiralled... read more

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