How to write content people will want to read

With so much content available on the internet and millions of people sharing, it can often be difficult to get your content seen by the people who genuinely might be interested in what you’ve got to say. Here are some tips for creating content that people will want to read.

A headline is so important

Think of all those catchy headlines that make you click through from social media or another website. The reason they’re so intriguing is because they have a hook or promise the reader something. Tell your readers what reading an article will do for them or hint at something exciting contained within. Don’t swing too far into a sensationalist headline though, if you promise too much or tell a reader they’ll be shocked and they’re not, they’ll never trust you again.

If you have an article about the latest technology to enhance productivity, you could call your article ‘The latest tech for productivity’ or you could really hook readers with a headline such as ‘These gadgets will change your life!’.

How you word your headlines completely depends on your brand but do your research and try to think about the kinds of words and phrases that will entice your readers to click on the link.

Use photos and images to your advantage


So many bloggers create their own headline images for sharing across social media, particularly Pinterest. These graphics should be eye catching but they should also give an idea of what your article or website is about. Sometimes it’s good to catch someone’s attention on social media with a great image before you hook them with your headline.

Use calls to action

If you want someone to click, call or get in touch, say so. These calls to action are so important, not only on your website but also on social media too. Once you’ve intrigued a reader with great sales copy or an informative blog post, you want to give them the chance to contact you for further information.

On social media, these calls to action should be short and too the point. ‘Want to keep up-to-date with latest releases? Click here‘ or ‘If you’re looking for impartial advice, get in touch’, these both invite your reader to take an action that could become a useful lead for your company.

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Writing text that people will want to read is also about knowing your customer and the industry inside out. If you know exactly who you are targeting then you’re going to be better placed to write content that is going to intrigue them and make them click.


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