Twitter for business – Tips and tricks for beginners

twitter-logoIf you are a business looking to get into social media then you’ll probably have heard about Twitter. Perhaps you even have a personal account. Using the site is pretty straight forward but there are a few things you need to know if you’re going to be using Twitter for business.


A lot of businesses think they can just go on to Twitter and start gaining followers. It’s not that simple; you can’t just start telling people about your products and services and expect them to listen.

Follow people you find genuinely interesting and then engage with them. This is the most efficient way of getting people to follow you back.

Be a human

Although you are going to want to talk about your business, let your followers know there is a real person behind the Twitter account. Occasionally say ‘I’ and sign a tweet with your name. Or perhaps have a line in your bio saying ‘tweets by…’

Use quote RTs

The way Twitter wants you to retweet something isn’t really very effective for business. If you use the native RT then the username and icon of the person you retweeted will show in the timelines of your followers.

You don’t really get much credit for sharing the tweet and you can’t add your own comments.

If you use the format ‘RT @Jetical Witty/interesting tweet’ then it will appear as a tweet from you. You also have the opportunity to add you own thoughts on the tweet before the ‘RT’.

Keep on top of it

This might sound like an obvious one but it’s amazing how many businesses think they can do well on Twitter without ever tweeting or replying to mentions. Make sure you update on a regular basis and reply to mentions and direct messages as soon as they come in.

If you can’t afford to take time out to update Twitter regularly, put an employee (or even a family member who knows the business) in charge of the account. This will free up some of your own time but you will still be getting the benefit of having a presence on Twitter.

It’s not about follower count

You don’t need thousands of followers in order for Twitter to make a difference to your business. If you have a few hundred followers who are truly interested in your product/service then you are more likely to be able to engage with them. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with extending your reach but don’t stress too much if that follower count isn’t moving up quick enough.

1 thought on “Twitter for business – Tips and tricks for beginners

  • Fantastic advice Jess, although I am such a techno-duffer I’m not sure I’ll ever get the hang of it! You do a fantastic job on our Twitter & Facebook for us and it really helps people get to know the charity and the work we do, a benefit to all.

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