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Cars still baffle a lot of people and we’re all so suspicious when it comes to being ripped off. It’s for this reason that the more open and trustworthy your brand is, the more likely people are going to use your services.

Informative long form content can help you to build trust amongst your customers as well as help anyone who might be looking for a new car, going to get their car fixed or looking to expand their skills as a driver.

The key to winning over customers in this industry is transparency. So many people have had bad experiences with car dealers, garages and body shops that they’re naturally suspicious of anyone who tries to tell them something about their car. This means that more and more people are seeking out content to help them make better informed decisions when faced with these situations.

Here are some kinds of content you might create to win over the trust of potential customers and make them feel more comfortable working with you.

Buyers’ guide

This works well if you are a car dealer but even if you’re not, you can create a guide that will help people choose a car. It doesn’t have to be as simple as, Audi: A buyer’s guide. Try something with a bit more of a hook such as: 10 things you need to know before buying an Audi. Try not to sensationalise too much but set your content apart from the others with a catchy headline

Servicing guide

Exactly what happens during a service, things customers should look out for that could signal a car needs a service, what happens to cars that aren’t serviced.

Parts guide

For anyone who wants aftermarket parts for their car, a guide to find the right ones and getting a good deal.


Look at a common symptom of a broken car and diagnose what’s wrong with it. This might be along the lines of louder than normal engine noise and what might be the cause. Or it could be as simple as how to change a tyre.


Think about the questions you get on a regular basis and aim to answer them. If, for example, you have people asking about finance options, create an article that looks at commonly asked questions relating to car finance and leasing. Not only can you better inform your customers but making them aware of the options available might make them more likely to buy from you when they see that you can offer a certain deal or plan that fits with their situation.

Don’t forget: Calls-to-action

With any long form content you should encourage readers to get in touch, give you a call, sign up to a newsletter or download further content. Capturing their details in this way is so important as it helps you to turn readers into leads.

Which reminds us… Want to know more? Get in touch.


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