The Ferengi guide to business

A little bit of fun today. I’m a big Star Trek fan and whenever I watch an episode with a Ferengi in, I find myself feeling inspired. That might sound silly but as a business person, I’m just interested by the the whole premise behind this fictional alien race. In case you’re not familiar with Read more about The Ferengi guide to business[…]

Give your homepage a spring clean

It’s time to give your website’s home page an overhaul to bring it up-to-date. Modern web design packages focus on clean, user-friendly layouts, and this is what you should aim towards. Treat your website as though it were your home up for sale – estate agents will always advise you to de-clutter it to make Read more about Give your homepage a spring clean[…]

Smartacard – the discount card for businesses

Our little business has suddenly gone through a growth spurt. New shoes are definitely needed when there’s a growth spurt… but growing doesn’t just mean pretty new things, so we’ve started using Smartacard, a discount card for businesses. We’re a small business (maybe just like you or someone you know) and suddenly we seem to be Read more about Smartacard – the discount card for businesses[…]

Guest Post: Sideline the Stress of a Stopover

Waiting for connecting flights can be a pretty painful experience, all the more so when you have a pressing deadline to meet or a backlog of clients to contact. Here are some tips to help you maximise productivity and minimise the frustrating pitfalls of the airport timewarp. Manage Your Time Ultimately, a lot of it Read more about Guest Post: Sideline the Stress of a Stopover[…]

49 great people to follow on Pinterest for inspiration

When starting out on Pinterest it can be hard to find people to follow who are going to provide you with constant inspiration. Here’s our list of some of the most interesting people to follow on the social network. We’ve just joined to we’d love to have a follow too. Check us out here. Business Read more about 49 great people to follow on Pinterest for inspiration[…]

How to be active in your local community

All businesses have a responsibility to their local community. It’s one aspect of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) that’s often overlooked. Participating in community events, helping people and spreading your wealth around locally doesn’t have to mean setting up a strategy, having boring meetings and jumping through CSR hoops. Here are a few simple ways to Read more about How to be active in your local community[…]