49 great people to follow on Pinterest for inspiration

When starting out on Pinterest it can be hard to find people to follow who are going to provide you with constant inspiration. Here’s our list of some of the most interesting people to follow on the social network. We’ve just joined to we’d love to have a follow too. Check us out here. Business Read more about 49 great people to follow on Pinterest for inspiration[…]

Eight blogger engagement tips

It can be tricky to get the attention of bloggers. They are journalists but a very different breed compared to what you might be used to in a traditional PR role. The content that goes on most blogs is very personal and, as a result, blog owners aren’t going to write about just anything. Here Read more about Eight blogger engagement tips[…]

Six tips for businesses thinking about blogging

Blogging for businesses is important. Blogs are a good place to let customers and clients know what you are up to and can also give an interesting insight into how your company works. A lot of the time a blog can make a large brand feel more human. Be consistent This could apply to all Read more about Six tips for businesses thinking about blogging[…]