Guest Post: Sideline the Stress of a Stopover

Waiting for connecting flights can be a pretty painful experience, all the more so when you have a pressing deadline to meet or a backlog of clients to contact. Here are some tips to help you maximise productivity and minimise the frustrating pitfalls of the airport timewarp.

Manage Your Time

Ultimately, a lot of it comes down to sheer organisation and planning. Before you leave, create a list of exactly what you need to accomplish and be realistic about what you can actually manage during the time between flights, taking into account the inevitable hunt for a work-friendly spot and allowing yourself a good 15 minutes to get yourself settled/respond to emails/check your Twitter feed. By setting yourself concrete work hours and time restrictions, you’ll be all the more focused and able to power through that to-do list!

Prepare Power Options

It’s impossible to guarantee that you won’t find yourself battling fellow travellers for those much-needed plug sockets. Pack a spare battery or even a solar-powered charger to be prepared for all eventualities.

Set Up Shop

Navigating the airport and hunting down power outlets is often half the battle. If you’re constantly working on the go, it’s probably worth taking the plunge and purchasing an airline sky club membership. Although it’ll come at a fairly hefty price, you’ll reap the benefits of a solid wi-fi connection, comfortable seats and enough snacks to fuel you through your workload.

Back Up Your Wi-Fi

It’s usually a good idea to have some sort of plan B in the worst case scenario that you can’t access the airport wi-fi. While not the cheapest of options, a MiFi device or pay-as-you-go plan like one that Karma offers are often worthwhile investments, or alternatively, just create a hotspot via your smartphone. This way you’ll save yourself the headache of dodgy internet connections and give you the freedom to work just about whenever and wherever you like. Taking the time to download and prepare any reading before you leave will also help you dive straight into work mode.

Block Out Distractions

Once you’ve established a base, the next step is to get yourself in the work zone. Departure halls rarely make for the most conducive working environment, but a pair of ear plugs or decent headphones should go a long way to help cocoon yourself in a shell of productivity. Just try to position yourself somewhere near a flight status screen to avoid missing important announcements!

Author Bio:  is part of the team at GoEuro, a new Internet platform that helps travellers compare and combine air, rail, bus and car travel options across Europe.

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