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A lot of clients tell me that they don’t have time to keep up with their social media. While this is true to some extent, I think those people don’t really know how to make the best use of their time. If you’ve opted to use every social network under the sun then, of course, it’s going to be time consuming. However, if you start with the basics such as Twitter and Facebook, you’ll probably find it’s not as time consuming as you might think.

Here are some social media tips on how to get the most out of your time.

Facebook to Twitter and vice versa

Generally, I wouldn’t recommend this. If you’re populating your Facebook page with your Tweets, people will get annoyed by the irrelevant @mentions. Twitter is about short, snappy posts whereas Facebook lets you write a lot more and you should utilise this. Use the two social networks separately as the users on each are very different. However, if you only post images and news updates to Facebook, you might not lose too much if you let these go through to Twitter. If you really are pushed for time, perhaps just choose one of these social networks to focus on.


If you use a platform such as Hootsuite, it’s easy to schedule tweets and Facebook posts. (You can also schedule posts on Facebook directly from the social network.) Set aside some time on a Monday afternoon and get some tweets and Facebook posts sorted for the week ahead. This means you can sit down and think of witty, interesting and useful things to say all in one go rather than relying on inspiration to come throughout the week.

This doesn’t mean you should then ignore your social media for the rest of the week. You’ll still need to reply to people who interact with you.


Get the Twitter and Facebook apps on your phone. This gives you even more opportunities to reply to people, create posts and engage with those you follow. This means you can get some useful work done when you’re otherwise not being productive. This might be while waiting in a queue at the bank; while sitting in a coffee shop ahead of a meeting; or during a short train journey.

Don’t post about everything

If you find that social media is taking up a lot of your time, try and cut down what you post about. If you can make all of your posts serve some purpose then you’re going to get more benefit from the things you do post.

Firstly, ask yourself if your post gives value to followers or will at least entertain them in some way. If the answer is no, then save yourself some time and don’t bother. Instead, think about what your readers will think of your posts and if they’ll get anything from it. Advice, links to interesting articles and beautiful images all tend to go down well.

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