Smartacard – the discount card for businesses

Our little business has suddenly gone through a growth spurt. New shoes are definitely needed when there’s a growth spurt… but growing doesn’t just mean pretty new things, so we’ve started using Smartacard, a discount card for businesses.

We’re a small business (maybe just like you or someone you know) and suddenly we seem to be getting bigger by the day. This means we’ve got loads of lovely new projects on the go and a different way of working for some new clients.

Smartacard is a business focussed version of those daily discount emails most of us are signed up to. We love it, because when we make a purchasing decision, the card offers discounted products and services that you wouldn’t perhaps find anywhere else – certainly not all in one place!

And isn’t it just lovely when a discount club/email/card is actually useful in real life, not just in the minds of those who created it.

Here’s how it works and the offers we love

Purchase the card straight off the Smartacard website, decide how long you want the card for and how many cards you’d like for your business. This is perfect for growing businesses with new employees, or independent contractors.

Purchase completed, take a look around the website while you wait for your card/s to be sent out and make use of the many online discounts available.

Offers are business orientated; from dry cleaning that suit you wear to meet investors, to the PR and marketing tools used to get your brand name out there. We’d advise checking the Smartacard website before making any work-related purchase.

For a start up’s first few months it’s invaluable. Smartacard has discounts and offers on PR, direct mail services, office space, insurance, IT support, marketing, web development and much, much more.

Here are some that really stand out:

Business cards – is the market leader in innovative online business card design, purchase through Smartacard and they have 50 free cards to give you, along with a 15% discount on your next order.

Google Adwords – With your Smartacard, you can get £100 worth of online advertising with Google. Invaluable for building your presence online and you’ll have the expertise of someone from Google to set up the first advertising campaign you do too.

Hotels, Car Hire and Car Parking – Immediate discounts for anyone travelling countrywide to meet the partners, customers or investors that are helping to grow your business into the success you’ve envisioned.

(Our favourite? If you’re holding a launch party or treating your staff, Naked Wines have £40 worth of wine for you)

A Smartacard discount code just for you!

A one year Smartacard membership is £49.99. With our exclusive Jet Social code jetsave14 you’ll pay just £34. Enter the code at the checkout.

For more information and to sign up, visit the website:

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