Review: Zombies, Run! iPhone app

I heard about this app when it was in its infancy and getting funded through Kickstarter. I gave them $10 of my own money and patiently waited for the app to come out on Android in Spring 2012.

The iPhone app came out and Android users were still waiting. Well, I gave in and got myself an iPhone 4S at the weekend and the first thing I downloaded was Zombies, Run!

Due to the first world problem of not being able to use the phone until it had been charged overnight, I had to wait a whole day to play with my new toy. Sunday morning I was up, in my running gear and surprised at my eagerness to exercise.

I don’t want to give away too much of the storyline but, essentially, you are Runner 5 helping out the town of Abel. There are zombies outside its walls and you are responsible for going out and collecting supplies. For all the details visit the Zombies, Run! website.

This was my first time running in three months (part injury, part laziness) so there was a lot of walking. However, as soon as the guy on the radio told me to run because the zombies were gaining on me, I ran. The creatures were moaning and groaning in my ear and I couldn’t help but look back over my shoulder.

Then a squirrel ran out in front of me and scared the life out of me.

Home straight and I’m almost at the gates of Abel, I’d collected everything I needed and I was almost back. Radio comes on again. Zombies are after me, I can hear them. I sprinted down Catton Grove Road in Norwich, looking like some crazed lunatic who was being chased by zombies.

It is two days later and, despite stretching properly after the ordeal, I ache so much. My hips and thighs especially.

£5.49 may seem a lot for an app but it really is worth it.

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