Pinterest is one of those sites that has popped up and attracted businesses. However, most businesses then realised they didn’t really know what they were doing on the site and promptly gave up.

However, there are plenty of reasons why your brand should be on Pinterest.

It makes you more visual

It’s all good and well being on Twitter but all you really get to share with people are words. Even if you post a picture, a user has to click on it before they can see it.

If you are a business dealing in the visual such as design, interiors, beauty or fashion then there’s always the need to show off your expertise, inspiration and work. This is easily done with Pinterest.

You can inspire people

You can widen your reach by looking to inspire all sorts of people related to, or interested in, your industry. Say, for example, you make cookers. You don’t have to pin things just related to your cookers. You could have a board for the brand’s new releases and perhaps old adverts too but look at interior design, recipes, accessories and cleaning tips as well.

Link back to your content

If you create a great blog post that has some wonderful imagery then pin it! Don’t just re-pin other people’s stuff. People are more likely to click through to your website from images that have some text on them. For example, if you are pinning an image from a Top 10 Appliances of the Future article, create a title graphic using one of your nice images and some text.

You can see in the top row that I've pinned two photography tutorials from my fashion blog. I've used images from the posts and added the title to them.

You can see in the top row that I’ve pinned two photography tutorials from my fashion blog. I’ve used images from the posts and added the title to them.

This means that people interested will know exactly what your blog post is about, even if the pin description gets wiped off after multiple pins.

More engagement

Users on Pinterest are more likely to click through to content, pay attention to pins and comment on activity than users on other social networks. This is because images create such strong emotions in people that they are more inclined to get involved.

Tips for using Pinterest for business

  • Don’t be afraid to stray off topic as long as it fits with your brand identity
  • Pin your own content
  • Re-pin images that inspire you
  • Use the Secret Boards as inspiration for upcoming projects
  • Comment on and link other pins
  • Follow people
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