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Here at Jet Social we have a wide range of experience when it comes to the topics we write about but, of course, there are those few topics that really get a writer excited to start on a project. The list of topics I get excited about is pretty vast but cars and motorsport have to be up there.

I regularly write, tweet and present videos on those topics so cars are always at the forefront of my mind and over the years I’ve built a good knowledge of how cars drive and the ins and outs of the top levels of motorsport. I even speak regularly on the topic of F1 on the radio station TalkSPORT.

There’s something especially satisfying about the more technical side of car ownership, for me at least and I like my knowledge to come through in everything I write. I know cars can be baffling, though, because I was once completely baffled by them and that’s why I aim to keep my language clear and simple in everything I write. I don’t want to alienate the less technically minded from the worlds of cars and motorsport. You might not know what a torque transducer is or what it’s used for but who cares? If you enjoy cars for the sounds, smells and the feeling you get when around a beautiful machine, those technical aspects don’t matter.

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Motoring work by Jess Shanahan of Jet Social

CarWow Feb2015

This is a piece written for the website carwow. Driverless cars are becoming a reality so I explored exactly how they’re going to change the way we drive. I’m interested to see how this story progresses because the road will change, the cars we drive will change and the way we get around a city will most certainly change! It’s also a nice reminder that the future is here and we are very close to living in a sci-fi movie world!

T8 - Peugeot

One of the first cars I had the pleasure of reviewing. A great car that I fell for a little too hard. I was sad to see the 308 go home but it was a nice insight into a modern car and my love for it certainly fuelled my motoring career from that point. See the review on Turn Eight.

64-65 yc travel with cats MC ch1.indd

A big part of being a car lover, for me, is road trips. I love nothing better than hitting the open road in a nice car and seeing where the world takes me. I wrote a piece for Your Cat Magazine on one of the bigger road trips I’ve undertaken in the last 12 months. I drove two cats to Sweden and it was a fantastic experience and certainly a conversation starter! I’m not sure what was the more motivating factor in this, my love for cats or my love for driving…

I also have the pleasure of working closely with a number of racing drivers, most namely Rebecca Jackson. You can see my writing over on her news pages.

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