RoseAccording to Jess, I need to say hello. So in a similar vein to cringing at my 7am puffy bed face in the bathroom mirror, let me tell you about me, the new girl at Jet Social.  I write content and accept all challenges with the keen and trusting attitude of someone who refuses to learn beforehand what could possibly go wrong, as all things are ‘the right thing to have happen’.

I began writing travel (my background career) 8 years ago, which has flowed fairly seamlessly into someone, something and somewhere else – currently here and happy for it. I guess I am now unafraid in what I write (mostly egoless and always a learner) but I like expressive, challenging language and obsess on avoiding descriptive repetition. Don’t make me see the same word twice in a paragraph. Shudder.

I am the extremes of silly and serious. I prefer knowing what it’s like to be inside your brand, so I’ll love it too…… and I’m a giver. Let me give you what you want.

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