Natural beauty in Norfolk

I’ve been working with Palm & Sole since the start of 2012 and every day I feel proud to be part of such a fantastic brand. Firstly, it’s a Norfolk company and I love to support local business but all the products are natural too. In a time where everyone is worried about quality and getting the most for their money, products that don’t contain harsh chemicals are important.

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the harmful ingredients, such as parabens, that go into beauty products.

Kathy Webb, founder of Palm & Sole, says: “There are no synthetic fragrances, colours, mineral oils, SLS or parabens in our products. We don’t use cheap, nasty oils to bulk up a bottle or make it smell nice. Our aromas are real.

“This means products last longer, feed you on both the outside and inside plus what you’re smelling is a pure essence from a plant – not synthetic lab mix. Besides, I really don’t fancy putting all those fossil fuels onto my body day in, day out.

natural beauty product

“Palm & Sole customers are paying for what’s in the bottle – I go out of my way not to distract people with huge amounts of glossy packaging or hidden cheap bulking oils to make a product look bigger. Personally speaking, I’d rather spend my money on the contents of the jar, not the luxury packaging I rip off and throw out.”

I think the wealth of holistic products and services around Norwich is brilliant. Palm & Sole is making exactly what women need and are doing it naturally. There are also a number of holistic health clinics, vegan food shops and other eco-friendly businesses in Norfolk that should be very proud of what they are doing.

I’d love to hear about any natural, sustainable businesses (especially in Norfolk) for inclusion either on this blog or on Love Norfolk.

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