Marketing Your Brand on Instagram


Instagram is a hugely powerful tool for brands of all shapes and sizes. It’s especially good for any brands that do something very visual whether it’s cars, fashion, interiors or something else entirely. Instagram allows you to reach an audience with your pictures. It’s so much more about the image than the words, which makes it a little different to other social networks out there.

Here are some tips for marketing your brand on Instagram.

Use the best photos

Snaps on your phone usually aren’t good enough to really make people stop and take notice. Ideally what you want to be doing is taking proper photos on a DSLR or whatever camera set up you use, then editing and posting to Instagram. While the filters on the social network can make even poor photos look artistic, as a business, you’ll want something even better than that.

Go beyond the Instagram filters


If you can’t shoot and edit on a computer then get yourself an app called Snapseed. This handy little app gives you all sorts of options when it comes to editing your photos. There are filters you can put on your images but you can edit the strength and saturation of them too. You can also edit things like contrast and brightness, crop images (handy if you want to post a pro-shot image as you can crop it to Instagram size), and share straight from the app.

Add words to your images

People are more likely to read words within your image than the comment you post with it. If you have a sale on, want to direct people to your website or just want to get across some important information then you should add that info to your image. This is easily done on Photoshop or similar editing software or you can get apps that do it straight from your phone.

Use the proper tags

Instagram makes it really easy to search though tags and this is why it’s important to include relevant hashtags on all your images. Don’t go crazy with 30 tags to one image, though. Five – ten should suffice. Keep an eye on the tags you usually post in as well because it’ll give you an idea of who is looking and posting there.


Share to Twitter and Facebook

Although you might not want to be doing it with every post, you should be sharing some of your most striking images with your other social accounts, such as Twitter. This can be done straight from the Instagram app. This lets people know you are on Instagram but it also makes your other social accounts more visual.

Encourage the use of your hashtags

Create your own hashtag and encourage customers and others to use it when they post their own pics. This is handy if you are a clothing company as you can ask customers post photos of themselves wearing your clothes with your hashtag. If you do something a little more abstract then perhaps ask people to post images of something else related to your business. (Cars, coffee tables, pets, gardens, technology, make up hauls etc.)

Keep this in sync with the rest of your social media and encourage the use of the hashtag on Twitter (and Facebook) too.

What steps are you taking towards marketing your brand on Instagram?

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