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Norfolk charityGoogle, being the wonderful entity that it is, gives free advertising spend to non-profit businesses. Of course, there are some terms when it comes to eligibility but if you are a registered charity, you can get some help with you pay-per-click advertising through Google.

Pay-per-click ads are the listings that appear at the top of the search results. They are ads places at the top of the listings through Google Adwords. You, essentially, pay whenever someone clicks on your advert. It’s a very cost effective way of advertising a business or charity.

Google is offering $10,000 per month (around £6,000) to spend on Adwords. You have to join Google for Non-Profits. It will help you to get free or discounted products or services as well as giving you the chance to get some help with your PPC campaigns.

Take a look at the Google for Non-Profits page. There are so many benefits of signing up from the Adwords to the cloud solutions of Google Apps. Google’s marketing help for charities is second to none, you’d be silly not to sign up for it.

If you use YouTube to help promote your charity, joining this programme will enable you to put a Donate button next to your videos as well as putting call-to-action overlays on your videos.

Getting Started

Google helpfully provides some guides to getting started with Adwords and other products. This is very helpful for charities who might not have the dedicated marketing staff to commit to this sort of work. These guides allow anyone to get to grips with PPC, Google Apps and the other services provided.

Take your time reviewing these guides to see what might be most beneficial to your charity. Start with one, get to know the ins and out and go from there.

If you’re a charity who has had success with Google for Non-Profits, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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