Are you making these seven Twitter mistakes?

Our PR mistakes article went down really well so today I wanted to touch on Twitter mistakes. In a way, getting social media right can be much more difficult than PR. Especially when you’re juggling multiple platforms or managing staff who don’t really know what they’re doing when it comes to direct messages, hashtags and lists.

Following and unfollowing

A lot of people tell me that their strategy is to follow people and then unfollow them if they don’t follow back.I find this baffling and it’s no way to get genuine followers. You should follow people you are interested in and interact with them. If they think you’re interesting too that’s when they’ll follow you back.

This is especially important if you want an influencer with a huge following to follow you too. With Love Norfolk, I get so many new followers a day that I don’t get to look at all of them. I then get angry messages asking why I’m not following back. Usually it’s not because I don’t want to, it’s because I don’t know what the person/brand is like or even that they’re there.

Putting the wrong person in charge

The wrong person could be anything from someone inexperienced with social media to someone who is too forthcoming for their own good. We’ve all heard the horror stories of employees tweeting inappropriate things from company accounts. Make sure the person who manages your Twitter knows the brand inside and out (even if they are part of an agency), is reliable and knows the rules when it comes to what they can and cannot post.

Taking trending topics too far

Twitter mistakes

A natural disaster, the death of a celebrity, high profile court cases and riots are not to be used to market your business. It’s true that you should use trending topics and hashtags to reach a wider audience but not in these situations. Companies are always popping up after tweeting something hugely in appropriate relating to a news story. It’s a great way to lose respect.

Going on the hard sell

Don’t just tweet about your brand a products. Tweet things that other people are going to be genuinely interested in. Once you’ve gained the trust of your followers you can start to introduce them to your products. A lot of brands make the mistake of only linking to product pages, or press releases. Add some personality, ask questions and create content that people want to share.

Tweeting too much

Most Twitter users don’t follow that many people. This means that if you tweet multiple times a day you’re just going to fill up their timeline and they will probably unfollow you. Try and limit your tweets to a few a day, up that amount if you need to but keep a close eye on it to ensure increased activity doesn’t negatively affect your follower numbers.

Tweeting too little

Unfortunately it can be hard to find the right balance and a bit of trial and error is needed. However, if you don’t tweet very often – say once a month – people will start to wonder why they follow you. Actually, you probably won’t lose followers but you’re never going to make any sort of impact on the people who do follow you. Tweet enough that people are reminded who you are and what you can offer them.

Worrying too much about followers

When you’re a business owner it’s okay to look at social media followings. It’s an easily trackable metric. However, don’t put too much faith in those numbers. Sometimes it’s better to have 100 followers who really care about your business than it is to have 1000 irrelevant ones.

You don’t want to haemorrhage followers and if you are losing them rapidly than it can indicate you’re doing something wrong. Your follower count should creep slowly upwards but if it stalls, don’t worry.

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