Is it naive to want to change the world?

During a meeting with Build Charity today, I mentioned my reasoning for starting Jet Social. How it was getting away from doing something mundane and going on doing something I can be passionate about. I’ve never not taken pride in my work because I’ve always worked with amazing brands but I never really made a difference.

The whole point of Jet Social is to work with small businesses we can get excited about as well as with charities who could benefit from the expertise we can bring to the table.

In explaining all this during the important and exciting meeting, I realised that I sound a bit Miss World. I’m not naive, I don’t think my one small business is going to change the world but if Jet Social can positivly affect just one person, either directly or indirectly, then mission accomplished.

I remember hearing a story, I don’t remember where, about a man who saw hundreds of starfish stranded on a beach after the tide had gone out. He was running back and forth picking them up and throwing them back into the sea.

Someone said to him, “what’s the point, you can’t save all of them.”

He replied, “no but I can save these ones.”

That’s always stuck with me. I’m not going to change the world but I might be able to support those who will, or influence a few people along the way.


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