How charities can make the most of business relationships

When a charity starts working with a business they often think that it’s a one-sided relationship where the business will donate money, help with volunteering, and spread the word.

However, a charity can get more from this sot of relationship if they see it as more of a partnership.

The press

Charities tend to have a lot of sway with the press but very few of them actually make the most of this. Newspapers and magazines, especially local ones, are always eager to fill space with charity-related stories.

Use this power to give your partnered-business a bit of a helping hand when promoting its charity work.


If a business is kindly hosting an event in your honour or doing something to raise funds for your cause then you can’t just sit back and let them do all the work.

A tweet about the event or a message out to all your email subscribers can let people know about your new partnership as well as get people along to the event and help raise funds.


Don’t let the partnership be a faceless agreement between the two parties. Meet the people from the business, talk to them, make friends. Your relationship is likely to last much longer this way.

Give back

If a business is doing wonderful work for you then you should thank them. Mention them in your newsletter, sing their praises to the press, or simply invite them out for lunch. If they can see how much you appreciate their work they’re going to continue in that manner.

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