Hotel marketing tips: Get the hang of social media

While there are plenty of social media tips out there that are relevant to all businesses, sometimes it’s useful to have something that’s a bit more specific. If you work in the hotel industry then you’re probably on social media daily. Networks such as Twitter and Facebook give you the opportunity to show your hotel’s personality as well as images you might not have shared on your website. Here are so hotel marketing tips for your social media.

Measuring return on investment (ROI)

Social media can be a very powerful sales tool but so many people are put off by how difficult it is to measure ROI. Your followers might stick around for a while before they book a stay with you and if you don’t ask them outright, there’s no way of knowing how they found you.

Don’t be afraid to ask people how they found out about you if you get into a conversation with them. Failing that, perhaps leave a questionnaire in the room for your guests to fill in before they leave. If your guests have booked online, you could email them a questionnaire after their stay.

You can also set up Google Analytics to track bookings made online. This will then tell you exactly where those bookings came from.

From here you can judge how many people are actually booking stays off the back of your social media efforts.



People want to see the sort of place they will be staying. Post photos regularly, showing off every aspect of your hotel — or at least the ones you are very proud of. Here are some ideas for photos:

  • Breakfast
  • Room details such toiletries
  • Art
  • Surrounding land/cityscapes
  • Gardens
  • Happy guests
  • Lounge areas
  • Drinks
  • Dinner

Quirky details or things that set your hotel apart from others are sure to draw in customers. If you don’t want to worry about posting a photo to all the different social networks, get Instagram. Not only is it a great social network in its own right but you can also post your Instagram pictures to Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and more!

Ideally, you’ll take photos with a proper camera and upload them to Instagram. If you can’t do this, edit your phone images with Snapseed to make them look beautiful. The photo above was taken at Blickling Park in Norfolk then edited with Snapseed on my iPhone.

Ask guests to contribute

Invite guests to like your Facebook page and ask them to post photos and reviews from their trip. Some might be willing to do so just to get their photography shown off but you can entice customers with a prize draw for money off vouchers or a free stay. You can also ask guests to post photos using a hashtag for your hotel on Twitter too. When choosing a hashtag, make sure it’s original and that there aren’t loads of other people posting other stuff using it.

Facebook and Google+ both have their own review sections. These are just as important as TripAdvisor and Yell when it comes to reviews. Encourage guests to leave reviews by mentioning where they can review you on social media and sending emails to guests after their stay. Google+/Google Places is especially important when it comes to SEO too.


We’ve already mentioned prize draws but these really are a great way to get guests posting photos and leaving reviews. Make sure you keep this random as not to sway your customers’ opinions by giving away prizes for the ‘best’ one.

Depending on your budget for this sort of thing, you could give away money off vouchers, one-night stays, weekend breaks and so on. The regularity of these is also up to you, perhaps monthly or quarterly prize draws for everyone who reviewed or posted a photo during that time.

Act as a tour guide


One way to draw people to your hotel is to let them fall in love with the surrounding area. Create blog posts about the area, tweet tips and post beautiful photos. If you have YouTube you could also create a video tour of the area, either with your own videos or by making a playlist of other people’s.

Talk about local cafés, tourist attractions, countryside, shopping and everything else there is to do in the nearby area. If there’s a big event happening near you then you should capitalise on this. Talk about the event and how convenient your hotel is to it. Don’t go on the hard sell when it comes to people booking a room, instead talk about how close the event is and what people can expect to see there.

Let personality shine through

A professional demeanour is important but your followers don’t want to feel like they are following a faceless business. Where appropriate, let your personality shine through. Talk about what you, specifically, are doing at the hotel. Use your sense of humour and engage with your followers.


It’s all good and well posting beautiful photos, getting customer reviews flowing in and showing off the local area but you need to engage with your customers. Comment on their photos, retweet/share interesting things they have to say and spark a conversation. It’s this that will gain you followers and likes and make people remember your hotel in the future when booking trips.

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