Give your homepage a spring clean

It’s time to give your website’s home page an overhaul to bring it up-to-date. Modern web design packages focus on clean, user-friendly layouts, and this is what you should aim towards. Treat your website as though it were your home up for sale – estate agents will always advise you to de-clutter it to make a good first impression. The same should apply to your home page, so as to make it more inviting to your visitors. After all, it’s the first page they are going to see.

You should address these points in your makeover:

Make the purpose clear

It should be immediately obvious to the visitor what your company is about, what you stand for and the services on offer. You don’t need to go into a huge amount of detail here about your background, that’s what your about us page should tackle. A short paragraph that is clear, concise and to the point will suffice. Choose your words carefully to provide a general overview of who you are.

Make it easy to navigate

Your home page is the starting place on our visitors’ journey to finding out about your company, and should clearly sign post where they need to go. It should make finding the information they need as easy as possible. Take every measure possible not to overcomplicate things. Wording should be clear and the structure simple. If the user finds it difficult to locate the information they are after, they will become frustrated, their attention will wane, and they will move back to the search engines to find your competitors.

Make calls to action clear

So now they are on your home page, what do you want from your visitors? What action should they now take? Should they call you? Should they click to find out more? Whilst you don’t want to go over the top with demands, you should have some clear calls to action to make the next stages obvious. Words should be carefully chosen to instruct, and the right ones will lead the visitor further into your website.

Keep it fresh and up-to-date

An empty house is always more difficult to sell. Buyers like to see signs of life. The same applies to your website. Outdated information is a deal breaker, as is a static website that shows no signs of recent input. What visitors want are indications of a constant presence, so keep it fresh with social media feeds, recent news and blog posts. Fresh content will show you as a company ahead of your game and in touch with your customers, as well as showing you to be an authority in your industry.

The old adage, less is more, certainly comes into play where your home page is involved. Nobody wants to have to sift through clutter. Keeping it simple will make it more aesthetically appealing and easier to use.

2 thoughts on “Give your homepage a spring clean

  • Fully agree! I’ve been looking at a tonne of landing pages recently and I instantly give so much more respect to the ones that have a modern look and feel. Good marketing involves controlling every interaction that consumers have with your brand… a website is an especially important touch point because that’s where a lot of first impressions come from.

    • I’ve had to look at a lot of community run webpages recently for a project and it’s embarrassing how many are out of date and have badly designed or hard-to-navigate homepages.

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