The first steps to expanding your business

Businesses are growing so rapidly at the moment that it can be hard for business owner to know what the next step is.

It might be that you land a huge client that forces you to expand in order to fulfil their needs. This might mean finding new staff, getting new premises, working on your IT systems and updating your website. Not to mention the work for the new client.

There’s often this no-mans land of too much work but not enough to hire full time staff. This is where freelancers come in. You can find freelancers to work on an ad-hoc basis on sites such as Elance and People Per Hour.

Once you have a bank of freelancers behind you, it gives you the opportunity to continue bringing in more work without worrying about whether or not there are enough hours in your day to get it done.

Hiring your first employee

One thing you do need to think about when you hire a member of staff is the insurance and legal aspects that go with it. Having a member of staff gives you more freedom when it comes to their work, you’ll also know what you’re paying them month-on-month (if they’re salaried).

You’ll need to register with HMRC as an employer; work out your payroll; get insured; provide a safe working environment; provide proper holidays, maternity leave and flexible working arrangements for parents; and keep your employee happy.

Once you’ve got that sorted, though, everything begins to slot into place and you can sit back and watch your business grow.

What about rapid expansion?

expanding your business

When your business is growing rapidly you’ll need to think about bringing in more staff but on a much larger scale. When this is the case, consider using something like

Using software like this can help you to strengthen your employer branding, something that important when you’re entering the market as a new employer. The software gives you the opportunity to post jobs across different platforms; lets you contact candidates via LinkedIn; and makes the application process simple for job seekers.

There’s a free plan for smaller businesses (or for those of you who like to try before you buy) and powerful monthly plans for businesses with larger recruitment needs.

Other things to consider

Businesses who are rapidly growing need to think about where they’ll be in six months. If your business has grown substantially in the last few months and you’re upgrading your IT systems, go for something that is scalable. The same goes for your telecommunications and perhaps even your office situation.

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