Eight simple tips for car dealerships to increase Twitter reach

Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to selling cars but unless you get it right, you’re not going to get anywhere. So many dealerships fall into the trap and end up feeling like social media is a waste of time.

Here are some tips for increasing reach on Twitter, in later articles we’ll explore monitoring leads and converting those leads to sales.

Images and video

Having an image or video in your tweet makes it appear more prominently in a user’s timeline. The image would draw their attention, causing them to read the tweet. If you post a simple text post, you run the risk of it getting scrolled past.

If you’re posting car adverts, make sure to post a picture of the vehicle. Not only do people want to see the cars you’re selling but they’re more likely to stop and look at the advert if they see a car they like the look of.

Go beyond car adverts

While car adverts are going to play a role in your Twitter content, you need to go beyond them. Social media is all about trust and why should someone trust your cars and expertise if all you ever post is a list of what’s on your forecourt?

Remind followers who you are, encourage happy customers to share testimonials on social media – which you can then retweet – share company news and give car buying advice too.

Show your expertise

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather buy a car from a dealer who knows what he or she is talking about. Even if you’re an expert in your arena, no one is going to know that unless you show it off.

You might want to talk about how regular servicing will prolong the life of a vehicle, or a known fault with a particular make of car. These little titbits of advice will be helpful for anyone buying a car but it’ll also help build trust in your brand.

Use relevant hashtags

Your current crop of followers might all be set for a car but the VW enthusiast community might be eager to know about the Golf GTI you’ve just got in stock. You need to reach these people by including relevant hashtags such as #VW or #Volkswagen.

The same goes for your more informative content, when talking about a make or model include those tags but feel free to be more generic too; #CarForSale, #Carbuying etc.

You should also include local hashtags too because you’ll want the people near to your dealership to see your content, use both the town/city and the county you’re in. If this is relevant to a car advert and you don’t have many characters to play with, feel free to post a different version of the tweet a day or so later with an alternative location tag.

Post at the right time

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there as to the best times to post across the different social networks. For most, in the morning and around lunchtime normally works best however, the best thing to do is to check when your specific audience is active as it varies from industry to industry.

Followerwonk is a tool that lets you analyse your Twitter following to see at which times they are most active. It also gives you further information on the topics they’re interested in and how often they tweet.

Create content with users in mind

Think about what your target market will want to read and share. Not everyone is going to be in the market for a car but they’ll probably know someone who is. The best way to increase your reach is to get people sharing your content.

Buyers’ guides, interesting cars and shareable list posts are all going to appeal to your followers but do some research and see what existing and potential customers are already sharing.

Go above and beyond

Customer service is a big part of Twitter and if you can answer questions and keep customers happy, you’ll also be improving your brand image in their eyes and the in the eyes of your other followers too. Don’t view Twitter as a chore, instead see it as an integral part of your sales process.

Don’t just look at what those you follow are saying, use Twitter’s search function to find people who could benefit from your expertise. These might be people asking questions about the makes of cars you specialise in, or they might be people in the market for a car. Don’t actively sell to them, just be there to help.

Link back to detailed content

You’re very limited to how much advice and information you can give on Twitter, you need to start thinking about creating detailed content on your website that will draw people through from the social network.

This might be a long buyers’ guide as to what to look for in a used car. It might be technical piece on what happens during a service, or it might be a customer case study. Again, think about what your existing and potential customers will want to read and share.

We can help you to create content as well as capture leads that come in as a result of it. This is so important otherwise all your hard work could go out the window once someone has been to your website, read an article and moved on. You need to make them take action, be it getting in touch or signing up to a newsletter.

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