How businesses can make the most effective use of social media

It’s a well-known fact that the use of social media boosts can boost your business when properly utilised. However, we at Jet Social have heard plenty of other businesses complain that they don’t have enough time for it; the answer is to either make time or have us help you. Like it or not, social media packs an international punch, and using it effectively is easier than you may think.

The clue’s in the name

It’s called social media for a reason. Concentrating on the human aspect of your interactions online – including in communications with another businesses – involves all potential connections in what you’re saying and grabs their interest. Engage with other users in a way that isn’t overtly selfish. Nobody likes ‘hi please follow me and click this link!’ messages, so a gentler slow-burn approach is better. Social media was created for people, so speak to other users as such. Don’t forget to put a decent amount of research into the accounts you follow in the first place; you’ll reap better results.

If you follow other businesses that you like, similar to yours or otherwise, there’s no harm in sending a tweet of support; it captures their attention and reflects well on you. There is a delicate balance between promoting your own content and that of others’, and cross-promotion can be a mutually beneficial venture when approached carefully. Sharing content from influential accounts and including the OP in your message can also broaden your own reach.

Make your posts attractive

There’s no doubt that a well-presented post is more likely to be shared and engaged with. Including images makes a world of difference, yet so few users do it. Stand out from the rest not just with pictures, but attention-grabbing headlines to accompany them: you will appear smooth and professional to consumers and businesses alike.

Turning that headline into a question where possible is more likely to spark conversation and thus further engagement. It’s a good idea to post the same thing several times provided they are well spread out, but only if you go the extra mile and reword the title. Few people are likely to click on exactly the same post twice, especially if they weren’t interested the first time – it’s likely to alienate people and lessen the ‘human’ element of your posts.

Interact at the right time

Think about when you normally check your social media accounts – that’s the time to make posts and engage with followers. Generally, peak browsing times for Twitter and Facebook for example tend to be between 6am and 8am (before work), 12pm and 2pm (lunch break) and after 6pm (home time).

It’s easy to schedule your posts for these times, but don’t forget to be on hand for engagement as well. There’s no point saying your piece in a crowded room and then abandoning it once you have their attention.

Join a community

You can find communities on LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Facebook to name but a few. Having a Facebook group as well as a page can increase your reach, whilst other communities allow you to not only engage with other businesses but enable consumers searching for specific producers to find you.

Get help

If launching yourself into the wide world of social media still seems too daunting, Jet Social offers a quick start Twitter package which utilises all of our extensive knowledge on the subject and lifts the responsibility from you. We’re here to boost your business so you don’t have to.

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