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Selling online often means shelling out for a bespoke website, paying a monthly fee to a platform or using an auction site – which can look amateur. Let us introduce, a website I’ve had the pleasure of trialling over the last few days. Ecommerce platform reviews are few and far between in this sort of industry so hopefully this will help some of you looking to sell products and services online.

For a while now, I’ve been trying to think of a good way to sell snappy, informative cheat sheets for social media. I wanted each guide to be specific to the business interested in it so an ebook and selling through Amazon was out of the question. Then got in touch and I knew it’d be the perfect platform for what I wanted to do.


Despite the fact that each seller has to go through a vetting process, it’s actually very smooth and quick. If the online ID verification doesn’t work, there’s the option to upload documents to verify who you are and your address. The second option might be a little more time consuming but this sort of vetting process is the sort of thing that will make people use the site.

It took about 10 minutes to enter all my details and another 30 for the application to be approved.


Unlike a lot of similar sites, there are no upfront fees for listing your products or services. Instead, you are charged whenever you sell something. When you create a listing you can set the price the customer sees and it’ll tell you how much you’ll get paid. This is really straightforward and allows you to absorb any costs by simply setting your price a little higher.


I like a site that looks nice and is easy to use. has beautiful, clean graphics that make it easy to get around the site. The dashboard gives you all the information you might need to track your progress and it’s very easy to edit your shop front and listings.

The social aspect

There are buttons in place to share your shop with the big social networks and there’s also the ability to set your favourite shops too. This creates an interesting social ecommerce platform. The built in messaging service is also a great way to speak with customers and get feedback.

The shop front

Creating Conversations services

The way you sell is all based around your shop front. You can customise it depending on what you’re selling. There’s the option to have a map, gallery or more simple layout. From there you can add information about your brand, what you sell and any guarantees in place for customers. ┬áThe listings for products and services are very visual so make sure you have a good image to go with each one. These images need to be well-shot (where relevant) and eye catching.

What can you sell?

If you’re a service provider you can sell things like gardening services. Marketing folk can sell SEO audits, web development packages and much more. Budding retailers an sell fashion designs, new inventions or vintage pieces.

Check out Jet Social on

From what I’ve seen there aren’t any limitations to what you can sell.

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