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On May 23rd  we put on the first ever CSR Speed Dating event at Beluga in Norwich. The event was attended by a number of local business and charities looking to make meaningful connections with one another.

We’re very happy to announce that Home-Start Norwich was chosen at random to receive the proceeds from the event.

The evening began with a talk from James Kearns from the charity BUILD. He continued the dating analogy, talking about how to get the important ‘second date’. This set everyone up with some great pointers in terms of how to treat the evening.

The businesses were then sat opposite a charity and they got five minutes to chat before moving onto the next.

IMG_0249 IMG_0352 IMG_0357

Jess Shanahan from Jet Social | James Kearns from BUILD | Ali Bunn from Jet Social | More images can be found on our Facebook page

It looks like a number of ‘second dates’ have already been set up and there’s been a lot of talk about another CSR Speed Dating event in the near future. We’re so pleased with how it all went and we can’t wait to get started on the next one. We’ll let you know the details as soon as it’s all organised. It was nice to meet so many Norfolk businesses who were willing to do something great for charity.

It’s also nice to speak to local charities that might not be getting as much attention as they deserve in the press. Norwich is very biased toward a few of the very big charities when these little ones do just as much good for the people they support.

If you’re thinking about supporting a charity take a look at these amazing organisations that support people all over Norfolk:

Home-Start Norwich | Norwich Door to Door | About With Friends | Red Balloon Learner Centre | Norfolk Can Inspire | Hamlet Centre | Stepping-Stones | Spreebook | BUILD

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