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I am a blog writer and have been for a long time now. I have to admit, back when I started I had no idea about copyright laws and what images I was allowed to use on my blog. It was only when an employer pointed it out that I began to think about where I got my images from.

Now that I provide a guest posting service, I have to be doubly careful to only provide images that I’m allowed to use. On my own blogs I generally use photos that I’ve taken because I will have been out shooting with a blog post in mind. However, when I write about subjects that are either too abstract to photograph, or aren’t something I normally dabble in then I struggle.

I was searching Flickr for images licensed under Creative Commons and then sending the posts and images to bloggers with an image attribute but it wasn’t always easy to find what I wanted. However, today I happened upon


It uses the Flickr API but makes searching for images licensed under CC much, much easier to find. Not only can you download the image you want at the correct size but it has handy HTML for the image attribute.

The attribute is, of course, the important bit. Without this you are breaking the law. You also have to pay attention to which sort of Creative Commons license each image has. If you want to use an image as part of an advertising campaign for your blog/company then you’ll need one with commercial rights. This is where the pickings become slim. Not many photographers or artists want a company using their image for monetary benefit without any of that coming back to them.

There are a few free stock photo sites out there too. Take a look at and

To any bloggers or guest bloggers who are reading this, I hope you’ve found it helpful.

Do you ever worry about copyright on your blog posts?

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