Why SMEs need a CSR policy

The European Commission defines Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as: The responsibility of enterprises for their impacts on society. For large businesses there should be an official policy in place. They might donate to charity, give some of their workers’ hours for charity projects or support one charity throughout everything they do. With small businesses, a Read more about Why SMEs need a CSR policy[…]

The AGA cooker that can be controlled with your phone

I know I shouldn’t be surprised when faced with new technology but sometimes I am. The new AGA iTotal Control is exactly the direction cookers and appliances should be heading in. AGA cookers are traditional-looking and AGA itself is an iconic British brand. I don’t think many expected the company to be leading the way Read more about The AGA cooker that can be controlled with your phone[…]

Natural beauty in Norfolk

I’ve been working with Palm & Sole since the start of 2012 and every day I feel proud to be part of such a fantastic brand. Firstly, it’s a Norfolk company and I love to support local business but all the products are natural too. In a time where everyone is worried about quality and Read more about Natural beauty in Norfolk[…]