Building a social media presence

The trouble with starting a new business is that when it comes to putting yourself on Twitter, Facebook etc. you are starting from scratch. Yes you can direct people to your new profiles via personal accounts but, essentially, you are brand new.

When I created Jet Social I thought I’d be able to make do with my personal social profiles and those of my blogs to tell people about our services. It worked for a while and I managed to get a fair bit of work from that. However, those accounts don’t really show off what I can do as a social media manager.

Showing off

I managed to grow my personal account very quickly, mainly because I’m well known for my Twitter commentary during Formula One races. But it now sits quite happily at 1500 followers and I don’t feel the need to actively grow it.

As for Love Norfolk, the account more or less takes care of itself. I get multiple followers a day for very little effort. Of course, that’s a combination of good content and an intriguing bio but I’m not actively promoting it.

So, I’ve decided to get Jet Social on to Twitter and Google+ (more about why I think this is a valuable networking tool for businesses at a later date.)


When you start out building your business don’t look like you are trying to hard. Don’t pester people to follow back or send out endless tweets trying to get new followers to tell their friends. Just concentrate on content and the followers will come.

Also, make sure you follow interesting people who you can start to engage with in a normal way. No one is going to be interested in your daily deal/corporate news/training sessions unless they see a real person behind the account.

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