Brand messaging mistakes you might be making

There’s always the chance that new businesses might be making brand messaging mistakes. While you might think you’re portraying your brand correctly, it might not come across that way from the outside. Here are a few mistakes you might be making when trying to get your message out there.

What do your customers want?

You might put all your value on your low cost products or services when really customers are more interested in something that’s easy to use. Do a bit of market research (something as simple as Survey Monkey will do) and ask your customers what’s important to them. Look at these results and combine them with the message you want to get out there. It could be as simple as ‘low cost products’ changing to ‘low cost, simple to use products’.

Get rid of the buzzwords

The more people that cotton onto the idea of a buzzword, the less power they have. If you need to use a popular buzzword to define yourself and your business, use it sparingly. Buzzwords to keep an eye on:

  • ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Synergy
  • Savvy
  • Juice
  • Engagement

Don’t let a buzzword define what you do. If you can’t think of another way to say what you want, use the word but give customers something else to think about. You might have a savvy web marketing team but doesn’t every digital agency? Look at what your competitors are saying about themselves then try and say it better.

You can’t please everyone

If you’re part of a board or even a partnership, there might be differing opinions when it comes to getting the brand message across. Don’t try and shove all these ideas into your branding as it can get confusing and messy. You need to agree to keep your brand message simple and on-point.

These discussions might take a bit longer until everyone is happy but you have to remember your brand isn’t about what the directors want it to be, it’s about what the customers need it to be. You might want a luxury car company with a history in motorsport but your customers might be more interested in the safety and aftercare aspects.

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