Six tips for businesses thinking about blogging

Blogging for businesses is important. Blogs are a good place to let customers and clients know what you are up to and can also give an interesting insight into how your company works. A lot of the time a blog can make a large brand feel more human.

Be consistent

This could apply to all manner of things but the most important is your posting schedule. If you vow to post once a week then do it. Don’t post once a week for a few weeks then forget about it. You need to keep up that consistency as readers will keep coming back on the day they expect a post to be published.

If once a week is too much for you then go for once a month. It would be better if you could post more regularly but if that’s not possible then create a schedule that you know you can keep up with.

You’ll also need to be consistent in your language and tone of voice. If you have multiple writers then give them a few guidelines to stick to.

Encourage comments

If you pose a question to your readers then they are more likely to comment on a post. If you are posting about a new product launch, for example, ask your readers what they think or what they’d like to see in the next model. Having your customers feel engaged and part of the process will make them think more fondly of your brand.

Don’t forget to reply to comments either!

Create interesting content

If you want a blog to benefit SEO, engage with customers and share news then the first step is to create interesting content. I always tell bloggers who are just starting out that they shouldn’t worry about social media, SEO or anything like that. The thing that will get you noticed is great content.

If you have time to post more than once a week then designate different days for specific types of posts. Perhaps Monday could be for any news from the previous week, Wednesday can showcase a product and Friday can be a funny anecdote about someone in the office.

You’ll also want to create content that will get shared. Something informative and not self-promotional is the best route. Infographics are also very popular.

Share your own content

This could be on Twitter, Facebook, G+ or one of the many social bookmarking sites. If you aren’t getting a lot of traffic to your site then you should make sure people who are interested can get to it from elsewhere.

Let people subscribe

This could be through BlogLovin’, RSS or email. If you have your posts going directly to a reader then they don’t have to worry about remembering to come back to your site to see if you’ve posted.

Be the first

In reality it’s very difficult to be the first person to do anything on the internet. You could, however, be the first of your competitors to engage with bloggers and document the results. Or you could be the first to make a controversial comment about the state of your industry (be careful with something like this though). Or you could be the first to video and write about the entire process of creating a product.

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