What bloggers have to say about how you contact them

PRs and brands still make so many mistakes when it comes to contacting bloggers. I’ve taken it upon myself to speak to bloggers in various different niches to see what they love and hate about the way PRs contact them.

Charlotte from The Mummy Blogger told us on Twitter: “They assume that my daughter is still a baby even though it clearly states she’s 6 and, even worse, some still get my name wrong.

“I’ve been doing this for six years and bad habits still persist; organising events at daft times is another. I think PR’s assume if you’re a parent blogger you don’t actually ‘work’ and therefore can attend anything.”

The big take away from this is to do your research. Take your time to truly find bloggers who are relevant to what you are trying to pitch. As Charlotte says, there’s no point in pitching baby clothes to mummy bloggers whose children are toddlers or older!

I run a fashion blog and despite my name being on the side bar on every page, I still get PRs contacting me with ‘Dear blogger’. This is a big no and I’ve had so many emails and messages from fellow bloggers saying that this is one of their biggest pet peeves.

We’ve done a post on blogger engagement before and you can read even more blogger opinions there.

Louise from Makeup Loveer said: “Emails that start with ‘Dear blogger’ really irritate me. My name is on my blog and it wouldn’t take two minutes to find it out.”

Louise isn’t the only one that wants PRs and brands to be more genuine and personal in the way they contact bloggers.

Liz from The Mum Blog said to us via Twitter: “‘Dear blogger can I post about my client on your blog with a link for free?’ Er. No. No you cannot. #Getyourownblog”

Tom from The Spaghetti Traveller said: “I hate carbon copy emails (greet, compliment recent blog post, make request, goodbye) they drive me nuts!”

If PRs do attempt to use someone’s name, they don’t always get it right and this is something that annoys almost all of the bloggers we spoke to.

Steph from Bonjour Belle said: “They don’t always get your name right! Even when my email address includes my full name… I’m not called Sophie or Sarah!”

Kirstie who runs the blog Short Lashes agrees on this point: “I hate it when they spell my name wrong and continue to do so through emails.”

Tips for blogger engagement campaigns

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There aren’t any hard and fast rules to contacting bloggers but here are some tips.

  • Don’t send one email with hundreds of bloggers BCC’d in.
  • Definitely don’t start that email ‘dear blogger’
  • Don’t start any email ‘dear blogger’
  • Find out the blogger’s name and get it right
  • Demonstrate that you’ve read the blog you’re contacting but don’t make it as impersonal as ‘I liked you recent post [name of recent post]’.
  • Only contact bloggers who would be really interested in your product/service. Just because it’s a mummy blog, doesn’t mean nappies are relevant.
  • Create a rapport with the blogger on social media
  • Take your time to comment on blog posts that you’re interested in and have something add
  • Be honest and open
  • Think about what the blogger will get out of your offer
  • The people who are best at blogger engagement campaigns are bloggers themselves, consider this when hiring staff or looking for freelancers

Bloggers, I’d love to hear from you if you feel you’ve got something to add to this.

PRs/brands, is there anything you’ve done that’s received a really good response from bloggers?

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