How blogger engagement can benefit your brand

I’ve spoken about tips for blogger engagement in the past but a lot of brands don’t know how a proper outreach strategy can benefit them. Here are a few reasons why bloggers should be a part of any marketing or PR campaign.

Google loves blogs

Not only are you going to be reaching a blog’s readers by being featured, you also get a big chunk of SEO benefit. Providing, of course, you’re being featured in the right places. Look for bloggers that have authority both with their readers and the search engines. The best way to judge the quality of a blog is by looking at their Domain Authority. The higher the number, the better. The SEOMoz tool bar will tell you this straight from your browser.

If you are looking for SEO benefit from your blogger engagement campaign then you don’t necessarily need to go to the blogs with the largest readership. It might be easier to get in touch with the smaller blogs that still rank well with Google.

People love blogs

SEO benefit is all good and well but you’ll want people to know about your brand. You need to get people talking. It’s all good and well showing up first for your chosen search term but if no one knows why they should be clicking on you, what’s the point?

Finding blogs with a good readership in your niche is very important. If you can offer that blogger something that will be of value to them and their readers, they’ll be likely to feature you. If you can engage with a lot of bloggers in the same niche then people are going to start talking about your brand.

Bloggers love social media

Bloggers are more likely to share content about your brand than the more traditional media journalists would. Again, this gets people talking about your brand. Let the bloggers you’ve been talking to know how to find you on social media and be prepared to share and retweet their content. This builds up a two-way relationship that a lot of bloggers prefer to simply sharing information about your brand.

Social media mentions of your brand and website also have huge SEO benefit.

A few blogger engagement guidelines

  • Don’t get a blogger’s name wrong or start your initial email with ‘Dear Blogger’
  • Only contact relevant blogs
  • Think like a blogger: Are they getting anything out of what you are proposing?
  • Don’t send a copy and pasted email to all the bloggers on your list. They’re not idiots, they can tell
  • Bloggers are journalists
  • Follow up politely and don’t pester for an answer/review/guest post
  • Give something back. Tweet a post, write about them on your blog, give them an award/samples/incentives.



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