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If you work for yourself then there can be times when you get stuck in a rut creatively. This might be because you associate the creative process with work, or perhaps because you are working on something boring that is stifling your creativity.

My problem recently has been that I’ve been focusing on my writing work without paying much attention to photography. Well, I recently went out and bought myself a new toy. The Canon EOS M. It’s a DSLR in a compact-ish body. It’s get the equivalent tech of a Canon 650D as well as all the bells and whistles you’d expect from an Canon compact.

It’s a wonderful little thing. I’ve been using it recently to shoot stuff around the local area such as Norwich Fashion Week.

Here are a few photos from the world of Jet Social over the past couple of weeks.





Old Hollywood Fashion Show | London Street, Norwich | Jet Social uniform | Early morning F1 blogging

All of this has really fuelled my passion for photography. I’ve been taking on bits and pieces of photography work over the last week and I’m excited about sharing my results with you all. This new camera has also led to a new feature of photo diaries over at my fashion blog. Something I won’t be doing on here, which I’m sure you’re thankful of.

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