How to be active in your local community

All businesses have a responsibility to their local community. It’s one aspect of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) that’s often overlooked. Participating in community events, helping people and spreading your wealth around locally doesn’t have to mean setting up a strategy, having boring meetings and jumping through CSR hoops. Here are a few simple ways to get involved.

Local establishments

If you enjoy having meetings outside of the office, choose an independent, locally owned coffee shop, cafe or pub. The odd cup of tea and slice of cake might not seem like much but it’s best to give that small amount of money to a local business rather than a large chain.

Shop locally

The same goes for your supplies. Where possible go with local suppliers. This might be for simple items such as office furniture and stationary or you might even be able to find a local business that makes specialist items.

Do some research to find out if your area has a buy local scheme. We are very lucky that in Norfolk we have Buy Local.


Meet other business, go to local networking events and build those contacts. You’ll make friends, find work with local brands and potential new contractor/suppliers/employees. Not only is ¬†extending your local network great for the business but you’ll make a name for yourself. Other businesses and people who are interested in supporting the local community will only come to you if they know you exist.

Get involved

If you have the opportunity to help the local area then you should. This could be anything from sponsoring an In Bloom project to working with a local charity to raise some money. It’s good exposure for you, the cause you are supporting and benefits the entire community.

How does your business support the local community?

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