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Automotive Marketing

Events and Launches

Events to promote your brand, products and to introduce you to new customers.

Public Relations

From the simplest press release through to the biggest PR campaigns.

Content Marketing

Carefully written words placed around the web to establish your brand as an expert within the industry.

Track Days and Hospitality

For team building, to wow clients, or for press events no one will forget in a hurry.

Videography and Editing

Driver Representation

Take your career to the next level with sponsorship, marketing, PR and development services.



We’ll spend time creating a plan that will help your business reach its goals, overcoming any challenges along the way. We’ll take your needs into account to create something that hits specific objectives. We can include a number of marketing tactics from public relations to events.


Once the plan and costs have been agreed, we’ll get to work. You’ll see activity from day one and we’ll give you all the tools you need to track the progress of a campaign. We’re constantly reviewing each campaign to ensure it continues to be effective and this means that if something changes within your business, we can react to it.



At the end of each month – or more regularly, depending on the campaign – we’ll send a comprehensive report of all the important statistics. This gives us an idea of the success of the campaign from month-to-month – although it’s worth bearing in mind that some activities, such as PR, can take as many as six months before the full impact is shown.



After three months, we’ll review what we’re doing with you to ensure that everyone is happy and to see if there’s anything further that can be done. This keeps communications channels open, allows for brainstorming and helps us get to know one another better, which we feel is important for a happy and successful partnership.

We're passionate about cars and motorsport

We provide a number of marketing services to automotive businesses, designed to harness our knowledge of the industry and reach the individual goals of each brand we work with. Everything we do is done with passion and excitement because we truly love what we do and want to see success for each and every brand or individual we work with.

Consultants with real solutions

No matter your problem or what you ant to achieve, we’ll find the solution. We want out clients to pay for results and not for an arbitrary list of what was achieved in an set amount of hours; what we do is so much more than that.

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Races attended each year

Join us at race weekends

We work in the British Touring Car Championship, British GT, VW Cup, Porsche Championship and more. We’re always off to races and can provide VIP hospitality too. Whether you’d like to join us as Jet Social guests or would like to host your own clients on a branded table in the hospitality tent, just let us know you’re interested and we can get it organised.

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There's more...

There’s a whole host of benefits to working with Jet Social including track days, networking events, collaboration space and more.

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