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Jess Shanahan founded Jet Social when she realised there was a personal touch missing from marketing agencies. Although operating as a national agency, we pride ourselves on working like freelancers. Most of your contact will be with Jess whether you want to enquire about a one-off press release, or a major international PR campaign.

We started off catering to small businesses and charities who wanted a conversation started about them, who wanted to generate buzz and find new customers. We still offer that but the two areas we work in most are automotive and lifestyle (which, granted, is quite broad).

Words are important to us and we make sure that they work hard for your business. We work quickly, efficiently and are always thinking about your return on investment so we’ll help you measure exactly what we’re doing and its impact.

As for employee culture here at Jet Social, we like to go out and meet clients be it at a race track or at one of Norwich’s many fine coffee shops. We take time out to do charity walks, discover new whiskies, and drive fast cars because we believe you should work hard and play hard, otherwise what’s the point.

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If you’re a freelancer looking to be part of something exciting, email hello@jetsocial.co.uk with a little about yourself and your career. Please include a portfolio, if relevant. We’re keen to work with anyone with experience in motorsport or fashion and are actively seeking business development executives to work on a freelance basis.

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