20 miles walked for Norwich Door to Door

On Sunday myself and four others embarked on a long walk for Norwich Door to Door. The full route was 26 miles and we were determined to do it but blisters and difficult terrain (it’s Norfolk, it wasn’t that difficult but overgrown paths and stinging nettles did slow us a little) meant that we only managed 20 miles.

Still, 20 miles in eight hours, that’s quite an achievement.


The Jet Social team of intrepid walkers

We’ve met our £200 fundraising target to help Norwich Door to Door get a new mobility bus but you can still donate here. Anything you can give will really be appreciated.



The part of Norfolk we walked through was absolutely stunning. There were butterflies everywhere, amazing skies and plenty of beautiful vistas.


One of the buses stopped to see how we were getting on and handed out some cold water. Very much appreciated!



A well needed pint of Humpty Dumpty Ale post-walk at the after party. My feet were so sore at this point!

Thank you to the Jet Social team, I’m so proud of you all. Next time, we’ll hit that 26.

We can’t forget what this was all about, the point of walking such a great distance was to simulate how it feels for people who need to mobility bus to be picked up by it. It was so nice to hop on that bus and be taken to the after party before being taken home. The following day I was so sore that I could begin to identify with people who struggle with reduced mobility.

I count myself very lucky that I can get about easily on a day-to-day basis and this task has really made me realise what an invaluable service Norwich Door to Door provides.

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